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What does globalization mean to you?

Space Between the Dimensions Must show word count 450 to 500 words
Write a paper (450 to 500 words) answering the question below. You must use at least 3
references and it must be grammatically correct. Points will be deducted for grammar and APA
errors. Your references may come from your readings about globalization or from other research
you complete. Two of the three sources must come from outside sources that you researched to
answer the questions. Only one of the sources can be from the class textbooks, lecture notes,
and/or articles on BeachBoard.
What does Globalization mean to you? Globalization is one of the most charged issues of the
day. It is everywhere in public discourse in TV sound bites and slogans on placards, in websites and learned journals, in parliaments, corporate boardrooms and labor meeting halls.
Extreme opponents charge it with impoverishing the world’s poor, enriching the rich and
devastating the environment, while fervent supporters see it as a high-speed elevator to universal
peace and prosperity. So, what did you think?
Note: There is no right or wrong answer; however, this is a critical thinking exercise and it is
important that you are operating at a post-conventional level.
This paper must be (450 to 500 words). The reference list is not included in the word count.
There is a cover page required, but no abstract. You must have a word count. It must be saved
as a word document no pdf.
Please make sure that you submit your responses in a Microsoft Word document to the dropbox.
This paper will be submitted to Turn-It-In software in the dropbox. . The Turn-it-In
percentage must be 25% or less which can be seen via your originality report. If you
have a percentage between 25% and 35%, you can receive no higher than a 70%. All
assignments with a higher than 35% will not be accepted and you will receive an F (0
grade) for the assignment.

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