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Why are zombies and vampires so popular?

Why are zombies and vampires so popular? Television shows such as
Walking Dead
and novels such as
have inserted these once-human supernatural
creatures into our collective subconscious. In his essay “Our Zombies, Ourselves,” James
Parker attempts to explain why zombies are such a resonant part of popular culture. In the
same vein (pun intended), Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, in their essay
“Vampires Never Die”, attempt to explain why the image of the vampire remains such an
iconic image in our minds. According to Del Toro and Hogan, “the two main branches of
vampiric fiction” are (a.) “the vampire as romantic hero” and (b.) “the vampire as undead
monster” (292). Del Toro and Hogan also claim that the story of the ultimate vampire,
Dracula (originally written as a novel by Bram Stoker in 1897), is “a mash-up of ancient
myth in conflict with the world of the present” (293).
Your assignment is to write a four-to-five-page essay (with 1,000 or more
words) in which you use Parker’s essay and Del Toro and Hogan’s essay to explain
the popularity of zombies and vampires in twenty-first-century society. Please use
quotations from both essays to support your thesis, as well as at least two pieces of
imaginative literature (one piece of fiction, film or television show depicting
zombies, and one piece of fiction, film, or television show depicting vampires). Your
writing task is to synthesize these sources in order to support a thesis about the
popularity of these two supernatural creatures.
Your essay should have a
as well as a
thesis statement.
Please list Parker’s
essay and Del Toro and Hogan’s essay as sources on your essay’s works cited page.
After answering the above questions as part of the prewriting process, develop a
thesis statement. Consult the chapters on analysis and comparison and contrast essays in
your Kennedy book for more help. The final draft essay must be typed and double-
spaced, on white paper. Relax and have fun with this assignment!

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