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Why Sustainable Food Systems Matter | Future of Food

Watch the video ‘Why Sustainable Food Systems Matter | Future of Food’. After watching, complete the question/answer











Your points come from the completion of critical, in-depth thoughts, For or against does not make the difference.






1. What is Sustainability? (not limited to the video to answer this question. Use any resource needed to respond here) 






2. Summarize the video called ‘Why Sustainable Food Systems Matter’ in at least 1 paragraph.  






3. Summarize the qualifications of each of the individuals on this sustainable agriculture discussion panel. Be sure not to just list where each panelist works but what they have done or done or study that qualifies them to be experts in this field. (1 to 2 sentences):






Dr. Jerry Glover – 






Nadine Azzu – 






Ben Jordan – 






Jose Andres – 









4. In your opinion, what are the 5 most profound points made – basically ‘take aways’ – from ‘Why Sustainable Food Systems Matter’?

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