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World History

Answer in a well-organized essay using specific examples from the readings and lectures. A good answer should be at least 3 substantial paragraphs.NO INTERNET OR OTHER OUTSIDE SOURCES MAY BE USED. all answers must be written in your own words. Do NOT cut and paste information from the textbook, the internet, or other sources. Please remember that I am interested in your thoughts and interpretation and that there is no one right answer to the questions. You do not need to cite general information in the essay, but if you are using specific examples or information then you can cite by the author and page number. Please avoid long quotes or numerous quotes, as I am most interested in seeing your ideas and your writing. To cite the textbook simply use the author and page number (Strayer 50).

Essay should be between 300-500 words (around 1 1/2 – 2 pages double spaced). Essays will be graded on evidence, argument, and writing, so please organize your essay, use specific historical examples based on the information from the course, use paragraphs and complete sentences, and check for grammar and punctuation.

Question: What do you think were the three most important developments in world history from the beginning of human society to 1450? This can refer to an event, a technology, an idea, or a social or cultural development. Explain the impact of the event and why you think it is the most important. Use specific examples from the readings and materials from this course. At least two of your examples must include something that developed after 600. (Please note, there is no one right answer for this question.)

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