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Topic I chose for this assignment is Witi Ihiameras Whale Rider. Where we look at indigenous culture and how that is portrayed in the book. I also had some thoughts, post-colonialism and gender equality. Hopefully one of you have written a research paper like this before!

I will add my brief notes, they might be helpful.

This is the Assignment:
For this assignment, you should write a research paper that:
poses a clear research question that is relevant to literary theory
responds to the question with a clear thesis statement and a cohesive argument to
support it
uses textual or other evidence and scholarly sources in a purposeful and ethical way

Assignment should be research-based and make an analytical argument

Use of sources:
APA 6 or 7 in text and after
Your paper should make active use of literary criticism, literary theory,
and/or other scholarly sources relevant to your chosen topic. You should show an
awareness of, and position your argument in relation to, relevant critical conversations.
They Say, I Say (Birkenstein and Graff) and Digging into Literature (Wolfe and Wilder)
are two good resources for guiding your use of sources and evidence.

If possible use Bennett, Andrew, and Nicholas Royle: An Introduction to Literature, Criticism and Theory and Hints, Carrie, and Eric L. Tribunella. Reading Childrens Literature: A Critical introduction and other scholarly sources

Non-scholarly sources like book
reviews, interviews, online literary magazines etc. can be used in addition to your scholarly

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