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Answer any one of the questions below

What are the goals of waste management? What is the most effective way to meet these goals? How can they be accomplished?

Using specific examples (such as cities regions) define urban sprawl and show how and why it occurred. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such growth?

Discuss the impact humans are having on ocean ecosystems.

Why is indoor air pollution still such a large problem? How does an understanding of it differ from our understanding of outdoor air pollution?

What are GMOs? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using such biotechnology globally.

In the United States, transportation accounts for a large amount of fossil fuel use. What would it take to reduce the amount of fossil fuels we burn in our automobiles? Include examples of how public opinion interferes with accomplishing these goals.

This report should be 2000 words long single-spaced in 12-point font (not including diagrams). It should be fully referenced and include a bibliography of the sources used for your material. For this report diagrams graphs maps and appropriate examples should be used.

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