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Writing Assignment – the Scientific Method

Writing Assignment – the Scientific Method

Choose one of the following scenarios:

a. Does consuming caffeine have any effect on your ability to sleep at night?

b. Does including a protein supplement in your exercise regimen have any affect on your muscle growth?

c. Will switching your dog’s food to the fancy diet dog food really cause him/her to lose weight?

Describe an experiment that would test your scenario. Your description must be in paragraph form and must include the following:

1. State the problem – What do you want to know?

2. Based on your current knowledge, state a hypothesis – What do you think will happen?

3. Explain how you would conduct your experiment:

a. identify your independent variable

b. identify your dependent variable

c. identify at least 3 control variables and explain how you would make sure they weren’t interfering with your experiment

d. include the period of time required for your experiment

e. explain how often and the method by which you would measure the change in your dependent variable

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